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Hello, & Welcome to Tyler Music! Through modern technology, I am able to reach prospective students, an audience of all ages, to receive live internet music lessons: This includes piano lessons, guitar lessons, and voice lessons via skype! So easy, fun, & so convenient for all my students! And very affordable! Call: 561-699-2197

Local Florida Music Instruction: In Home Music Lessons!

$25 Guitar Lesson-Piano Lesson-Voice Lesson!

Boca Raton-Delray Beach-Boynton Beach

I teach both Skype & Local piano lessons, guitar lessons, & voice lessons privately around Boca Raton, Fl. I travel to you.

Spring Special Music Lesson Prices!

45 min: $25/1 Hr: $30

        Vocal Training Lesson:  Contact: 561-699-2197  Tyler-music@hotmail.com

Online Live Skype Music Lessons

Piano Lessons via skype, Guitar Lessons via skype, & Voice(Singing)Lessons via skype.  Please call or email to set up your first online music lessons!   561-699-2197

Or press the skype button on bottom of page to get started!

Click the link to install skype:  skype

I am also an entertainer. I sing at weddings, private parties, children’s birthday parties, fundraises, restaurants, coffee houses, halls, and more. I live in Boca Raton Fl, and travel throughout the state to sing and entertain.

Hello, my name is Tyler. I am a balladeer singer songwriter.  I write ballads about the sea, love loss, childhood memories, runaway trains, nature, and more…..

I have been writing since the age of 11. I grew up in New York, and currently live in Florida.  By day I am a private piano,guitar,and voice teacher. I also have many students whom I teach over the internet via skype: Guitar-Piano-Voice. I also perform at special events and private parties.

My main music website: http://www.tylermiro.com
Keep in mind that I teach via skype piano-guitar-voice lessons! It’s fun,easy, and so convenient!

An interview I had with Fox News 29 for teaching live over the internet music lessons through skype. The specialty service I provide through skype is for piano students, guitar students, and voice students! An easy, fun, and so convenient way to learn a musical instrument!

Contact me for Voice lessons via skype, piano lessons via skype, & guitar lessons via skype: I teach the beautiful piano works of Yiruma!

Cities Where I have taught: Miami, Savannah, Anchorage, Charleston, Charlotte, Concord, Montpelier, Providence, Manhattan, Southampton, Easthampton, Greenwich, Seatle, Portland, Bangor,  Boston, Cape Cod, Niagara Falls, Albany, Monroe, Jersey City, Richmond, New Brunswick, Bismarck, Sacramento, Montpelier, Lake George, and ever expanding for music students to learn an instrument over the internet. Always live , always fun via Skype!


Entertainment and performance booking:
I am also a ballad singer. I perform songs of the 60′s-7o’s, as well as original ballads. Below is a link to my website if you wish to book me for a special event,private party, private function,charity event, & wedding.


Where I sometimes perform:


Piano Teacher – Guitar Teacher – Voice Teacher
Education:Tyler Miroe:B.A.Music
(Music Theory; Improvisation; Site Reading; Chord Progressions!)

Miro Music Studios
( Students may produce their own music c.d. at my recording studio!!)
As well as teaching piano-guitar-voice lessons via skype!
Music Lessons in the Convenience of Your Home!
All Levels of Piano Lessons, Guitar Lessons, and Vocal Lessons!
Ages 3 to Adult!

New! Live Internet Music Lessons,(Piano,Guitar,Voice), via Skype! $50hr.

 I have worked with children in camps, schools, and privately.
  (B.A. Music, Cal. State Long Beach,Ca.)

Quality Live Skype Music Lessons!  Spring Special: 45Min: $25  1 Hr: $30
Piano Lesson:$60hr
Guitar Lesson:$50hr
Voice Lesson:$50hr.
1/2 Hr:$35
(Group Rate:$25hr. Per Student!)

Singer and Entertainer
    Tyler Miroe, Balladeer Singer Songwriter/In Home Music Teacher
Ballad Singer Available for Private Parties and Special Events. 2hrs: $800; 3hrs:$1200
I Entertain and Sing, Performing my Ballads throughout Florida!

Contact:  561-699-2197  Tyler-Music@hotmail.com   Boca Raton, Fl.

Piano Lessons-Guitar Lessons-Voice(Singing)Lessons!

At Tyler Music, I offer in home guitar lessons, that are affordable and fun. I also offer in home piano lessons, that are equally as enjoyable.  The thrill of teaching in home voice lessons, is genuinely as rewarding! I also own a recording studio, where my students may produce and make their own music C.D.!! At Miro Studios!

Music Method & Songs
Piano Lessons, I use John Thompson.  In addition students learn to play “Swan Lake”, “Moon Light Sonata”, and more. I also teach popular childrens songs such as: “Polar Express”, “Wonka’s Welcome Song”, “The Notebook”(main title), “Double Trouble”(Harry Potter), and many more fun songs.
Guitar Lessons, styles from classic rock,”Watch Tower”, “Money for nothing”, “Good Riddance”, “Unforgiven”(Claudia’s Theme), “Good, Bad, and the Ugly”, modern rock, blues, light jazz, and some country.
Voice Lessons, range from “My Heart Will go On”, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, “Landslide”, “Into the West”, and many more.
I always teach scales and technique!!
I teach adults and children, so there is a wide range of music to learn. If a student requests a song, I will teach them!! It keeps their enthusiasm level high! And my job interesting!

As a balladeer singer songwriter, it truly gives me enormous pleasure, to be an in home music teacher! As a performer, I am a better music instructor!

Learning to play a musical instrument is valuable beyond words! And the rewards are a life time of playing music!  I try to instill, the gift of music, to all my music students, so they in return,will reap the rewards for their entire life!

I am not just a music teacher. I am providing a gift, the tools in which to excel in music, to each and everyone of my students! To learn to perform and interpret beautiful music!

Private piano lessons at home or guitar lessons at home or voice lessons at home is the best music education, for children or adults! As a Private music  teacher, music lessons in home, are an invaluable education! Or contact me to learn to play the guitar via skype or piano via skype or to sing (vocal lessons), via skype!

Epic Balladeer Singer Songwriter: Tyler Miroe

In addition to being a music teacher, I perform throughout the state of Florida & nationwide. Please feel free to contact me for booking a live musical performance. I perform ballads of the 60′s-70′s, as well as original ballads. I have been told countless times ‘what a beautiful voice you have and your songs and ballads are so beautiful’! That to me is everything! As well as passing the talent onto my piano,guitar,and voice students!

Book me for your next special event,private party,function,charity event,for live musical entertainment and performance!

Ballad I wrote: “Nuclear Winter”:

“Whale Talk” Ballad I wrote about whales and how to this day they are still being hunted!

Thank You!
Music Lessons:www.tylermiro.com

Live Entertainment & performance Booking: www.tylermiroe.com

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